Careless Driving

Careless driving or driving without due care and attention is defined as any driving which falls below the standard of a reasonable and prudent driver.

It is important that you get solid and good advice at the outset.

Examples of careless driving could include failing to stop in time because you were changing a CD, eating, drinking, lighting a cigarette, reading a map or programming a SATNAV at the time you were driving or failing to give way.

Even a momentary lapse in concentration can amount to careless driving

Inconsiderate driving is similar to careless driving but slightly different as this relates to road traffic behaviour that has inconvenienced other drivers such as tailgating, flashing your headlights or generally intimidating another driver.

The Prosecution often rely on accident investigators or expert witnesses.

At Driving Offences UK our team of solicitors and barristers have many years of experience in defending such cases and we instruct our specialist expert witnesses to argue against Crown's evidence. Our experts can prepare reconstruction reports and make professional responses to the Crown's evidence to try and establish doubt in respect of the case.

Punishment for Careless Driving

Driving without due care is a lesser charge than dangerous driving and comes with a punishment of 3 to 9 penalty points, discretionary disqualification and a fine of up to £2500.

As with any other driving conviction will adversely affect your insurance premiums. Driving Offences UK have a strong legal team who will present the best possible mitigation in your circumstances if you are convicted to try and reduce the severity of the punishment.

Death by Careless Driving

This is a very serious offence which is invariably only dealt with in the Crown Court as a substantial custodial sentence will always be considered by the Court.